Classic Movie Quote Quiz

Classic Movie Quote Quiz. 15 quotes taken from 15 of the top-rated movies on The IMDB. We are pretty confident that you will have heard all of the quotes. However, can you remember who said them, or, which film they are from? HERE’S JOHNNY is it from Jaws or The Shining?

“So can you handle the truth?, Do you give a dam” is also a classic film quote”. It’s a line delivered by Jack Nicholson character. But which movie title was it? Give your answer in the comment field below or via our Facebook page.

To be honest there are so many excellent classic film quotes I could have easily created 100 questions. 

Don’t worry as all of the questions are multiple-choice. So without further ado start the quiz before we make you an offer you can’t refuse!

Classic Movie Quotes

 You know the quote but which film is it from?

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