The Ultimate Emmerdale Quiz: Test Your Knowledge with 14 Questions and Answers

Emmerdale Quiz – 14 Questions with Answers. Do you remember when it was called Emmerdale Farm? How about Molly or Seth Armstrong? 
In the beautiful British countryside, you will find the stunning Yorkshire Dales. This is where you will find Emmerdale. The area is truly beautiful and I really do encourage you to pay to visit. You won’t be disappointed and there are plenty of places just like the Woolpack where you can find decent food.
I’ve stayed on a working farm many times. Watching lambs being born is a truly life-changing experience. If you ever get the opportunity to visit a farm you should grab it with both hands. You will gain a healthy respect as to where your food comes from and the challenges involved in producing it.
Emmerdale Farm has never been just another soap. It’s based on residents of the farm and nearby village. Over the years it’s brought us drama, joy, and heartbreaks. There’s been a plane crash, fires, births, and deaths. And the British public has loved every moment of it. Many years ago the location used to be known as Beckindale.
There have been some great characters over the years. My personal favourites were Seth Armstrong and Amos, can you remember his surname? Molly Sugden was a formidable character. Which were your favourite characters?
So what are you waiting for? Take The Emmerdale Farm Quiz, do it now!

Emmerdale Quiz

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