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Classic Coronation Street Quiz. Questions and answers from the cobbled streets of Weatherfield. Corrie is Britain’s longest-running soap it’s been on since the 1960s. It follows the residents of ordinary working-class people living and working around Coronation Street.

Our Corrie quiz covers the 1960s to 1980s. It includes Ena Sharples, Hilda Ogden, and the lovable Eddie Yates. Eddie is still one of my favourites ever soap characters. Eddie was the lovable binman. The conversations between him and Stan Ogden where hilarious. I can still picture the flying ducks on the wall. The actress who played Hilda Ogden was from my hometown of Southport. I’ve met her a few times and she seems a really nice lady. 

Do you remember Ena Sharples with her hairnet? How about the villain that was Richard Hillman. I am sure everyone remembers the very loud Fred Elliot. Surely the most annoying Corrie character ever was Percy Sugden. Feel free to tell us your favourite character. Just post in the comment section below. 

If you are ever in the north-west of England the Coronation Street tour is well worth a visit. OK let’s find out if you are a Coronation Street  Quiz Guru. Just click start quiz below.

Coronation Street Quiz – The Early Years

1960s to 1980s

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  • Love your quizzes Mike. Great variety of subjects and era’s that suit all ages and personalities. Well Done! Keep it up.


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