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The TV Advert Quiz Test your Knowledge 15 Questions

The TV Advert Quiz will test your knowledge of the best television ads from the 1950s to now. It consists of 15 challenging but fun questions along with their answers. Advertisements have always been a significant part of British television; some have even outshined the programmes they were broadcasted alongside.

For instance, the Dairy Milk Chocolate advert featuring a gorilla playing the drums was really popular with people of all ages and resulted in the relaunching of the song “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins and it reentered the Top 30 Music Charts. More recently we have all fallen in love with a couple of talking meerkats “Simples”.

Now, it’s time for you to put your expertise to the test and see if you’re genuinely a TV advertising expert. So, let’s begin!

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I hope you enjoyed the top-rated TV Advert Quiz