80s Classic Rock Quiz


80s Classic Rock Quiz Is one of my favourites. 80s rock music gave us some fantastic bands. Such as Guns and Roses, Pink Floyd, Def Leopard and of course Motorhead. Personally, I love 80s rock music!

However, there are some bands I just did not like such as Poison and WASP. I can’t explain why, maybe it was just jealousy. Even so, I loved it that much, I decided to create a missing lyrics quiz for 80s rock music!


Sample Missing Rock Lyrics Questions 

  • Once upon a time not so long ago, ______ used to work on the docks, the union’s been on strike”
  • She’s got a ______ it seems to me, Reminds me of childhood memories”

If you know the missing rock lyrics above you will ace this quiz. Don’t worry if you don’t as the questions are multiple-choice. To make you smile they also contain a big dollop of humour. 

Whilst on the subject of having fun I highly recommend you watch the 1982 spoof rockumentary Bad News on Tour. I guarantee it will make you smile and on occasion laugh out loud. The film caused a lot of controversies as it really takes the rip out of the way some rockstars behave. 

So, put on your Lycra leggings, hairspray and grab your imaginary guitar. See how many you can answer correctly in our exclusive 80s Classic Rock Quiz.

1980s Classic Rock Missing Lyric Quiz

The 1980s was the decade for Rock Music. How many missing lyrics from these favourite rock songs can you remember?

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