1960s Classic Rock Quiz Missing Lyrics

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1960s Classic Rock Quiz The Missing Lyrics Edition. I just love 60s classic rock. Many say the 60s was the dawn of rock music. Bands such as The Doors, The Rolling Stones and Jimmy Hendrix came on the scene. Can you imagine what it must have been like?

60s classic
60s classic

Your parents are boring you with Val Doonican. Then you hear Substitute by The Who on the wireless. That’s when you get hooked on 60s classic rock. The guitar rift is forever imprinted on your soul. I am fortunate enough to have seen The Who in concert. They were absolutely awesome.

I became a fan during my twenties. My personal favourite are The Kinks. That’s what inspired me to create a 1960s Classic Rock Missing Lyrics Quiz. Feel free to comment below.

1960s Classic Rock Missing Lyric Quiz

How many missing lyrics can you find in these classic rock hits from the 1960s?

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