70s Rock Music Quiz – Missing Lyrics


70s Rock Music Quiz, can you spot the missing lyrics from these 1970s rock music Classics. Finished with my woman because she couldn’t…

I was born in the 1960s so I really identify with 1970s rock music. Deep Purple, Creedence Clearwater and of course the awesome AC/DC. Bon Scott is still one of my all-time rock legends. Okay, Brian Johnson is good but Bon just has something about him that can be replicated.


Then there is the legend that is Ozzy Osbourne. In my opinion, he was at his best in the seventies. I always found the track Fairies Wear Boots a very strange track. I later found out that it was a dig at punk rock fashion. Ozzy was implying that punk rockers are fairies! I don’t think there are many people who could get away with that, but, Ozzy certainly could.

I have to admit in my later years Black Sabbath has become one of my favourite all-time bands. One of the shortest tracks is probably my favourite. That track course is Embryo, it’s just simple but beautiful.

So crack on and start the 70s Rock Music Quiz missing lyrics edition. I challenge you to beat the average score of 7

Missing Rock Lyric Quiz – 1970s

How many missing lyrics from these 1970s classic rock tracks can you get?

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