Only Fools and Horses Quiz

Only Fools and Horses Quiz Questions and Answers. The Trotter family have been a British favourite since 1981. The story centres around Del Boy, his brother Rodney and grandad. Later on, uncle Albert joined in with the fun. They lived in Mandela Heights which was a high-rise flat in Peckham, South London.

Cockney Del boy
Cockney Del boy

The Siliconhell Only Fools and Horses Quiz was inspired by the antics in The Nag’s Head pub. Which is usually frequented by Trigger, Boycie and his suffering wife Marlene. Not forgetting the hapless lorry driver Denzel. Denzel frequently misunderstands the situation with hilarious consequences.

Del Boy is the managing director of Trotters Independent Trading (TiT). Specialising in objets d’art and knocked off goods such as exploding blow-up dolls. “Where it all comes from is a mystery. It’s like the changing of the seasons and the tides of the sea. But here’s the one that’s driving me berserk. Why do only fools and horses work?”.

The episode where they clean the chandelier is one of my favourites. Let us know yours in the comments section below. So don’t be a Plonker crack on and take the cushty Only Fools and Fools and Horses Quiz

Siliconhell Only Fools and Horses Quiz

80 percent of people can't get 10 out of 10! Test your knowledge of Del Boy and Rodney. So


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4 thoughts on “Only Fools and Horses Quiz

  • I got two wrong Great Quiz

  • Darren Mc Carthy you are in error you moby, he drove the reliant regal supervan

  • the car question is wrong. they drove a reliant robin. not the regal

    • Hello Darren
      Thanks for your feedback. The van was definitely a Regal. It’s a common misconception that it was a Reliant. Check out this link for more information


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