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Cockney Language Quiz


Cockney Language Quiz Can you work out what the nice Londoner is going on about?

Cockney is a rhyming slang dialect spoken mainly, but not only, in the East End of London. It came about in the mid-19th-century and was thought to be used by criminals and salesmen to keep secret their conversations. Over 150 common sayings are instantly recognised by many people. Many of these are used all over the United Kingdom probably because they have been used in many radio and TV programs.

Hopefully, you’ve already tried our Only Fools and Horses Quiz. If you haven’t then just click here to give it a go. You may also like our Classic Eastenders Quiz. Both TV programs are full of Cockney rhyming slang and references.

Here are a couple of examples:
“Use Your Loaf” means “Use Your Head”. It comes from the phrase “loaf of bread”, which rhymes with head.

My favourite is “Up the Apples and Pears” which rhymes with stairs. Even though my parents weren’t from London they use this phrase frequently.

So pull your finger out of your Elephant and Castle and Start the Cockney language Quiz below. Don’t forget to share your results with friends and family. Please Help spread the word of Siliconhell to the world. The more visitors we get the more it inspires me to write quizzes.

Cockney Language Quiz

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