Geography Quiz – Questions with Answers


Welcome to our exciting geography quiz! Are you ready to test your knowledge? How many countries are there in England? Which country is the richest?  And other intriguing questions await you. How many can you answer correctly?

Like many, I wasn’t a fan of geography in school. Our teacher’s monotone voice didn’t help, and I was more interested in other subjects. But as I grew older, I discovered a newfound fascination with geography. The sheer size and beauty of Mount Everest, for instance, captivated me. It’s amazing how our perspectives change over time, isn’t it?

Ready to embark on the Geography Quiz adventure? Don’t fret. We’ve designed these questions to be enjoyable, not overly challenging. And the best part? All of the answers are right there for you to discover.

Very Easy Geography Quiz

You will have learnt this at school but can you remember it? Do you know your Artic from your Elba..

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