Cartoon Cats Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of Famous Feline Characters


Welcome to the Cartoon Cats Quiz. We thought it would be Purrfect to write a funny feline cat quiz. We started by trying to name as many cartoon cats as we could. At first, it was straightforward! Felix, Garfield, Top Cat and the cute little black-and-white kitten from Pinocchio. I always forget the name of that one; it’s just one of those words that slips out of my memory. 


Garfield is my favourite cartoon cat. Closely followed by Tom, who never seems to have any luck catching Jerry the mouse. You are welcome to post your favourites in the comments section below. Remember to share your score with us too. We always enjoy hearing from others who love cats.

So try the cartoon cat quiz and if you enjoy it please share it with your friends and family. It is your continued support that helps this website survive.

Cartoon Cat Quiz

We love cats and we love cartoons. Now test your knowledge of them both.

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