Nature Quiz

Love nature? Then try a nature quiz. Which is faster a cat or a squirrel? Do you know the differences between a cat and a dog? This and many more nature related quizzes.

The Space Quiz 12 Questions with Answers

Space Quiz – 12 Questions with Answers

Space Quiz - 12 Questions with Answers. Questions on our solar system and the planets within it. To get you ...
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Blue Planet Quiz Questions and Answers 2021

Blue Planet Quiz – fun quiz about planet Earth, animals and its habitat

Blue Planet Quiz to test your knowledge of planet Earth, its oceans and its wildlife. David Attenborough was the inspiration ...
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Do cats have belly buttons

Do cats have bellybuttons?

One particular night I couldn't sleep and a thought popped into my head "Do cats have belly buttons?". It was ...
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Spreadsheet quiz

Identify the Animals Spreadsheet Quiz Perfect for Animal Lovers

Can you identify the animals from the description? I have to admit that I love nature I find it fascinating ...
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Which is Faster Quiz Nature Edition

Quiz – Which Is Faster? Nature Edition

Which is faster quiz the nature edition. We give you a few animals and you tell us which is the ...
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