Spreadsheet Quiz

Download a spreadsheet quiz. You can open them with Microsoft Excel or similar. 

We began writing quizzes around 2010, most of which were spreadsheet quizzes. I’ll explain what they are just in case you’ve never seen one before. You need to download spreadsheet quizzes and open them with compatible software. Such as Microsoft Excel, we have had reports that Google Sheets works as well.

Things have moved on since 2010. The majority of quizzes these days are online quizzes. However, people still ask us for the original spreadsheet quizzes. Why? Simply because they were brilliant! If you were wondering hundreds of people requested the MiniPops Quiz to be put back on Siliconhell.


Identify the Animals Spreadsheet Quiz

Identify the Animals Spreadsheet Quiz Perfect for Animal Lovers

Can you identify the animals from the description? I have to admit that I love nature I find it fascinating ...
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FP Siliconhell.com MiniPops Quiz 2

MiniPops 2 Quiz Download – can you recognise the famous people in this spreadsheet quiz

The Minipops 2 quiz was created simply because the original Mini Pops quiz was so popular. It's a fun quiz ...
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Spreadsheet quiz

Chocolate Quiz Spreadsheet how many can you recognise?

Welcome to the chocolate quiz spreadsheet how many can you identify from their wrappers? I must admit I absolutely love ...
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FP kids bike

Siliconhell Classic Cartoon Quiz Download try it now

Siliconhell Classic Cartoon Quiz We all love cartoons so how is your cartoon knowledge? Can you name these classic cartoons ...
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beer cans quiz

Beer Can Quiz Download – can you name the beer cans

Beer Can Quiz Download Siliconhell Beer Can Quiz Back by popular demand, we have re-released a selection of our classic ...
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UK Football Badge Quiz – How many you can identify?

MiniPops Quiz Download – can you recognise the pop artists

Identify the Animals Spreadsheet Quiz Perfect for Animal Lovers