Thought Provoking Articles

We wrote a selection of thought provoking articles we would like to share.

FP wheelchair laptop

Paralysed PC User – My Story

My name is Mike and I'm paralysed from the neck down. Despite this, I am still able to use a ...
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English Language Quirks

Strange English Pronunciations

Strange English pronunciations that can mess up your mind! For example... If you have a rough cough, climbing can be ...
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FP thinking girl

20+ English Language Quirks

20+ English Language Quirks Everybody knows that the English Language has some strange quirks, some of which are listed below ...
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Test Your Brain – Try it for yourself

Test your brain is a challenge devised by Mensa, which will give you some gauge of your mental flexibility and ...
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FP thinking brain

Paralysed Gadget Addict – My Story

Paralysed Gadget Addict - My name is Mike and I used to work in IT until my health took a ...
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