Thought Provoking Articles

We wrote a selection of thought provoking articles we would like to share.

The Moon

Can you fall off the Moon?

Can you fall off the Moon? I heard that the Chinese are landing at the South Pole of the moon ...
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Disabled Brain

Don’t believe your eyes they lie to your brain

Don't believe your eyes they lie to your brain. The saying Seeing is believing isn't true. Like many other sayings, ...
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Infinity minus one silicon hell

What is infinity minus one?

We all know that infinite means big. Really Big. But just how big before it becomes infinite? And how small ...
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Mongolian heavy metal band play Mongol rock 

Mongolian heavy metal by the who. Actually, its The HU performing Yuve Yuve Y. I first heard this a couple ...
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Broken Instruments Guitar

Whose instruments would you destroy?

Whose instruments would you destroy, and, how would you do it? These are the type of thoughts that keep me ...
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