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Funny quizzes and amusing questions. If you are looking for a funny quiz then this category is perfect.

Try a Fun Quiz, specifically designed to make you smile. Remember The Young Ones? See how much you remember about the best comedy of the 80s. Then find out if you are like Rick or like Vivian in the Young Ones Personality Test. Or perhaps you’d like to try the Father Ted Quiz Go on, go on, go on

The 80s TV and Movies Comedy Quiz is becoming very popular. If the 80s aren’t your thing you can also try the 60s or the 90s Comedy quizzes. My personal favourite is The Blackadder Quiz Closely followed by The Friday Night Dinner Quiz.

The Willy Quiz I is one of our most requested funny quizzes. It doesn’t have any images or swear words. If you want to learn and laugh then it’s perfect for you! The Not Very Rude Word Quiz is completely biodegradable with the added benefit of no swear words. It’s very informative and designed to make you smile.

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