Fake News Quiz – Can you tell Fact from Fiction?


The Fake News Quiz – Can you tell fake stories from true stories? There have been some amazing headlines over the last few decades. Some of them were true but many more were absolute rubbish. One of the most famous fake news stories was that Elvis Presley had been found dead on the toilet. It simply was not true. If you’re a fan of Elvis you will love our 1960s Music Quiz here.

Many people thought that the moon landings were faked. Astonishingly some people still don’t believe that Neil Armstrong stood on the moon. A British newspaper told the world that Hitlers plane had been found on the moon. Maybe it’s true or a big hoax, let us know your thoughts. Leave a comment below or on our Facebook Group

So crack on with the Fake News quiz below.

Fake News Quiz

Can you tell which headlines are factually true, and which are a big Fib?

Just answer TRUE or FALSE

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