1960s Top of the Pops Quiz

A great 1960s Top of the Pops Quiz. Questions on epic tracks such as “Blue Moon”, “House of the Rising Sun” and “Lily the Pink”. Forgotten bands like  The Tremoloes and many more.

Can You Get 100% and Win the 60s Guru Award?

UK 1960s Music Quiz

1960s UK Hit Records Quiz

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4 thoughts on “1960s Top of the Pops Quiz

  • Really enjoyed the 60s

  • Well I got them all right except (according to the site) the first one, but the answer they have given is incorrect. It says the 1st #1 of the 60s was “What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For”, which was actually #1 in October 1959. One of the other choices is “Running Bear”, which was a #1 in 1960, but not until February. The actual answer is “Starry Eyed” by Michael Holliday, but that wasn’t given as an option as the other two options were “Cathy’s Clown and “Shakin All Over” which were number 1s in April and June. So there!,


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