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1999 Quiz: TV, Movies, and Music with Multiple-Choice Questions and Nostalgic Facts

1999 Quiz has questions about TV series, movies, and music. What was the best-selling toy? Could it be a PS2 or a Furby or something else? To make it easier all of the questions are multiple-choice with a generous squeeze of humour. 

The 90s had bands such as Inspiral Carpets and the Verve. For more 90s nostalgia you should check out our 1990s Music Quiz. If you like something a bit heavier you should check out our 1990s Rock Music Quiz.

Here are some facts about 1999:

The Euro currency was launched
The singer Dusty Springfield OBE passed away
JK Rowling released her novel Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
PayPal was thought to be one of the worst business ideas ever. How wrong that turned out to be!
The whole world was worried about Y2K crashing computer systems. This was due to a programming technicality.
The UK witnessed a solar eclipse

Okay now you have a little background information it’s time to crack on with the questions. If you enjoy the 1999 Quiz questions with answers please share them with others.

The 1999 Quiz

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