The Really Hard Quiz Questions – Difficult Questions with Answers to Test Your Intelligence

The Really Hard Quiz Questions haves been designed with difficult questions to exercise your brain and test your intelligence. The vast majority of people will only get a couple of questions correct. If you correctly answer more than four of these questions you possess a high IQ level.

IQ is an abbreviation that stands for intelligence quotien. It’s a subjective measurement of an individuals cognitive abilities. To put it a different way it tests if you are clever or not.


If you get more than five difficult quiz questions correct you should consider going on one of the quiz shows. Just think of the big money you can earn on a program like The Chase! Maybe you could have been a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon? If you are one of those professions please let me know what score you manage to get. You can do so by using our Contact Page.

The Really Hard Quiz Questions

Challenging questions that will test your general knowledge and mental dexterity 

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