Comedy Quiz 2000-2010: Test Your Knowledge of Hilarious Shows and Movies


Are you a comedy fan? Then you can’t miss our “Comedy Quiz 2000 to 2010” that tests your knowledge of the new millennium’s funniest films and television series. This era has given us some of the best TV shows and movies in the comedy genre. You surely can’t forget Ron Burgundy or the critically acclaimed Hot Fuzz, one of Simon Pegg’s best-ever performances.

Our personal favourites are Phoenix Nights and Shaun of the Dead. Phoenix Nights is an exceptional and clever comedy, and you want to see this one if you have yet to see it. The comedy is so subtle, but it’s impossible not to laugh. Trust us, it’s worth taking the time to give it a watch! So, are you ready to test your comedy knowledge and find the best comedies of the new millennium?

So don’t wait any longer. Start the Comedy Quiz 2000 to 2010 now!

Movie and TV Comedy Quiz 2000 to 2010

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I hope you enjoyed the TV Comedy Quiz 2000