The Big Bang Theory Quiz – TV Comedy Questions


The Bang Theory Quiz – 12 Questions on the hilarious US TV series. Just how well do you know the quirky physicists Leonard and Sheldon? Howard, Raj and Penny are always there to make us laugh.

My favourite episode is “The Donation Oscillation” it makes me laugh out loud every time I watch it. I’ve seen it so many times I could probably write down every single hilarious word. 

Instead of leaving Santa milk and cookies, we had to leave him in a house full of crazy academics. Instead of leaving Santa milk and cookies, we had to leave him a research paper. And in the morning, you could tell he’d been there because the paper would be graded

The TV series 1st hit the screens in 2007 and was an instant success. There has so far been a total of 12 series. Hopefully, they will decide to make a few more.

Now it’s time to find out if you are a Big Bang Theory Quiz Guru. All you have to do is correctly answer these fun questions.

The Big Bang Theory Quiz

Questions and answers about the smash hit American TV series

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I hope you enjoyed The Bang Theory Quiz