Killing Eve Quiz – Are you a Villanelle Guru?

Killing Eve Quiz Questions and Answers. One of the best spy thrillers to come out of the UK for decades. Following Eve a British intelligence officer chasing Villanelle a psychopathic assassin.

It has been highly successful in the UK and in America. Probably due to its wicked storyline, dark comedy and daring fashion statements. I mean who can forget that pink dress? The good news is that we have been promised a fourth series. I’m sure you will agree that it can’t come soon enough.

So put on your pink dress and polish your sarcasm. Can you answer all the questions correctly and be rated a Killing Eve Quiz Guru?

Killing Eve Quiz

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4 thoughts on “Killing Eve Quiz – Are you a Villanelle Guru?

  • the first question should be ‘trained’ not ‘trying’

    • Hello, you are indeed a Killing Eve Guru. I have corrected and updated the question. Thank you for your feedback.

  • Why can’t I open the question section

    • Hello
      Sorry to hear that you are having problems. Have you clicked Start Quiz?

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