Being Disabled


Being disabled should not stop you from being able to play with gadgets and technology. There is a lot of useful stuff out there to assist you to do things like changing the channel on the TV. To some, this may sound incidental, believe me, it means a lot!

It also shouldn’t stop anybody from enjoying life. Well, enjoying most days anyway. We fully appreciate that some days are more difficult than others.

Let me explain a little bit about my situation. I am paralysed from the neck down. However, I am still able to use the PC which enables me to use my Amateur Radio. Technology has empowered me in so many different ways. I created this website and the majority of its contents. It does take a lot of patience. Each article takes several hours which is primarily due to the fact that text input is slow and laborious. The end result makes it all worthwhile and I find it very liberating. 

It keeps my brain active and gives me a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Publishing a new quiz that becomes very popular is really satisfying. As is receiving your positive feedback. 

I am paralysed from the neck down yet I can still change TV channel and make phone calls. Technology has released my mind from the shackles of my broken body. 

The following articles explain how I have achieved the above. If the information helps someone I will truly be a happy man. Should you have questions you can get in touch via the Contact Page.

Articles on being disabled

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