Classic Cartoon Quiz – Spreadsheet

Classic cartoon quiz back by popular demand. How many cartoon characters can you recognise in this fun-packed spreadsheet quiz?

Many of my favourite cartoon characters are in this quiz. I bought back some really nice memories. I used to love watching cartoons on a Saturday morning. Captain Pugwash and The Magic Roundabout are a couple of my favourites. Feel free to tell me yours in the comments section below.

Open / Download Quiz Here 

This spreadsheet quiz was written using Microsoft Excel. It is best viewed on a tablet or a PC. Although saying this they do work on some of the newer mobile phones

You can find more Silicon Hell spreadsheet quizzes here. If you are unable to open the file we recommend using Google Sheets. If you are on a mobile phone you can find Google Sheets in the App Store



3 thoughts on “Classic Cartoon Quiz – Spreadsheet

  • I love your quizzes, I actually found your site years ago and then lost what the site was called until today

    • Welcome back and Thanks for your positive feedback. It really does mean a lot to me. I recommend following us on Facebook or signing up for our Newsletter.
      Stay safe

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