Test Your Knowledge with the Ultimate Disney Movie Quiz


Are you a true Disney movie aficionado? Let’s put your knowledge to the test with this engaging quiz. Did you know that the first Disney movie was released in 1929? Since then, the company has consistently delivered quality films that have captured our hearts.

Disney Movie Mickey Mouse
Disney Movie Mickey Mouse

It all began with a little mouse named Mortimer, who was later rechristened as Mickey Mouse. This iconic character, one of my personal favorites, has been a part of our lives for decades. And who can resist the charm of Tigger from the Winnie the Pooh movies?


Thanks to my Son, I’ve had the pleasure of watching all the movies that feature Tigger. He was absolutely bonkers about everything 100 Acre Wood. It’s these shared experiences that make being a Disney fan so special.

Simply answer 12 questions to find out if you are a Disney Movie Quiz Guru

Disney Movies Quiz – The Classics

Everybody loves a Disney movie from The Sorcerer’s Apprentice to Finding Nemo. How many can you answer correctly?

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