PC Geek Test – Only a Guru Geek can get 100%

Welcome to the Siliconhell PC Geek Test. PCs are used by more and more people every day. How much you actually know what is inside the box?


Do you know what a CPU is? Or, how many megabytes are in the gigabyte. Take the PC Geek Test and test your knowledge of personal computers. If you have geek tendencies you may also like our Doctor Who Quiz or maybe the Red Dwarf Quiz.

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4 thoughts on “PC Geek Test – Only a Guru Geek can get 100%

  • There are 1000 MB in a GB – There used to be 1024, but that has been agreed and changed! Also, a standard keyboard has 104 keys, which isn’t an option 🙂

    • Technically a gigabyte contains 1024 bytes. However over the past few years manufacturers such as Microsoft have rounded it down to 1000.

      However this is not an acceptable answer as it is incorrect 🙂

    • Couldn’t ‘nope’ harder. A gigabyte is 1000000000 bytes as giga means 10^9. You may have been thinking that 1024 bytes was a kilobyte but this is also wrong as the kilo prefix means 10^3. 1024 bytes is a kibibyte (2^10).

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