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Love a Trivia Quiz? Then why not try one of our many trivia related quizzes. Try The Chase UK Quiz, Corrie Quiz, Wigan Language Quiz and many more. Be sure to try The Basic History Quiz and The Which is Faster Quiz.

Quiz Face
Quiz Face

We write all of our own quizzes. We started out with just a couple and now we have well over 50 and getting more and more every month. They are all free and we try our best to make them funny as well.

Spreadsheet quiz

Chocolate Quiz Spreadsheet how many can you recognise?

Welcome to the chocolate quiz spreadsheet how many can you identify from their wrappers? I must admit I absolutely love ...
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The Famous Dave Quiz

The Famous Dave Quiz

The brand new Famous Dave Quiz. 15 Fun questions all about famous people called Dave, David etc. It also has ...
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Scottish Language Quiz Man

Scottish Language Quiz

You must try our funny Scottish language quiz. We chose to use the Glasgow dialect, so it's full of Glaswegian ...
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Cockney Language Quiz Man

Cockney Language Quiz

Cockney Language Quiz Can you work out what the nice Londoner is going on about? Hopefully, you've already tried our ...
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Eastenders Quiz Dot Cotton

Eastenders Quiz

We decided to create our very own EastEnders Quiz. The questions reflect the fact that the programme has been on ...
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Car Logo Quiz Mercedes

Car Logo Quiz Spreadsheet

Car Logo Quiz. 126 different emblems. The challenge is how many can you identify? Sure the famous ones like Ferrari ...
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FP Alternative Christmas Quiz

Alternative Christmas Quiz

Tired of the same old Christmas quiz questions? Then you must try our very own Alternative Christmas Quiz. 15 questions ...
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FP 2018 Christmas quiz

Christmas Quiz

We just had to write a Christmas Quiz. There are a few questions on Christmas music. Of course there are ...
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FP MiniPops Quiz 2

MiniPops 2 Quiz Download – can you recognise the famous people in this spreadsheet quiz

The Minipops 2 quiz was created simply because the original Mini Pops quiz was so popular. It's a fun quiz ...
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Emmerdale Farm Quiz

Emmerdale Quiz The Classic Years

Emmerdale Quiz - Are you an Emmerdale Farm Guru? Do you remember when it was called Emmerdale Farm? How about ...
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Classic Coronation Street Quiz Duckworth

Coronation Street Quiz

Classic Coronation Street Quiz. Questions and answers from the cobbled streets of Weatherfield. Corrie is Britain's longest-running soap it's been ...
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SH All about Wigan quiz

A Quiz All about Wigan

Caution: Contains References to Pies! I've lived in Wigan so long that I've gone native. I don't know everything about Wigan, ...
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The Chase Quiz Questions The Beast

Chase Quiz Questions II – Can you get 12/12

I have to admit that I am a massive fan of The Chase Quiz Questions. It's a great concept for ...
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The Chase Quiz Questions with Answers

The Chase Quiz

The Chase Quiz, using questions from the UK's' premiere quiz show. Find out if you could beat the beast and ...
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Woolyback Test Sheep

Scouser or Woolyback Test

Scouser or Woolyback Test - Answer a few questions and find out if you are a Scouser or a Woolyback ...
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FP The Year 1999 Quiz v3

The Year 1999 Quiz

Today were going to party with a 1999 Quiz! Our 1999 Quiz has questions about TV series, the movies and ...
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Yorkshire Language Quiz Questions and Answers

Yorkshire Language Quiz – Eee By Gum its champion

Welcome to the Yorkshire Language Quiz. The Yorkshire dialect is an English dialect of Northern England. Of course, it is ...
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FP beatles

Quiz – Scouse Dialect – What are the Scousers saying?

Some people love the Scouse dialect, some people do not. This quiz is just a bit of fun. Read on ...
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FP Map Europe

European Capital Cities Quiz

Welcome to the European Capital Cities Quiz. Questions and answers about capital cities in Europe. Did you pay attention at ...
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Wigan language quiz

Quiz – Wigan Dialect – can you work out what the heck they are saying?

The Wigan Dialect is also known as Wiganeez. I've lived in Wigan over 25 years now so you could say ...
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FP North South

Northerner or Southerner Test

Northerner or Southerner Test. 12 Questions resulting in a decision by Siliconhell. All decisions are final and just for fun ...
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Parents and Children

Are you turning into your parents? Personality Test

Are You Turning Into Your Parents? Take the personality test and find out free. Don't take this seriously, it's not ...
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Which Decade Quiz Philosopher stone

Which Decade Quiz: Famous Events Music and TV

Which Decade Quiz We give you a Famous event and you choose which decade it was. For example: What decade ...
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Whispering Rude Word

Not Very Rude Word Quiz: What is a Smeg Head?

Do you actually know what these rude words mean? Our Red Dwarf Quiz mentions it but what is a "Smeg ...
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Are you a Genius Quiz 2 Albert Einstein

Genius Quiz 2 – 10 Difficult Questions

Genius Quiz 2 Ten Questions Designed to test your IQ and your memory recall. These questions are difficult! The original ...
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Only Fools and Horses Quiz Questions and Answers

Only Fools and Horses Quiz

Only Fools and Horses Quiz Questions and Answers. The Trotter family have been a British favourite since 1981. The story ...
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Life in The 1970s British Music

Life in the 1970’s Quiz

Life in the 1970's Quiz The 70s was the era of Edward Heath, donkey jackets and the infamous Austin Allegro ...
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Fake News Quiz

Fake News Quiz – Can you tell Fact from Fiction?

The Fake News Quiz - Can you tell fake stories from true stories? There have been some amazing headlines over ...
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FP Wigan Town Centre.v1

Wiganer Test – Only a proper Wiganer can get all of these reet

Welcome to the Wiganer Test a selection of questions to test your knowledge. Well over 25,000 people have taken the ...
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Easy History Quiz Dinosaur Question

Very Easy History Quiz

A very easy history quiz that will make you smile. Don't worry too much it's not one of those really ...
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FP world map dark

Geography Quiz

Welcome to the easy geography quiz. How many countries are there in England? Which is the richest country and other ...
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Questions by Silicon Hell

Easy General Knowledge Quiz

Easy General Knowledge Quiz 12 Questions that you really should know the answers too. However, you will be surprised at ...
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Celebrity MasterChef Quiz

Master Chef Quiz – do you have what it takes to work in a restaurant?

Take the Master Chef Quiz and find out if you are a Kitchen Guru. Food questions to see if you ...
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Big Brother UK Quiz

Big Brother UK Quiz

Big-Brother UK Quiz fun questions with Answers. Do you remember Pete and the rather loud Jade?  ...
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FP quiz face

The biggest and the heaviest quiz

12 questions on the biggest and heaviest things on planet Earth. You want to believe some of the answers. They ...
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takeaway food quiz fast food

Fact Hunt Takeaway Food Quiz

The IT Crowd Quiz Master Chef Quiz Questions ...
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FP JeremyKyle

Personality Test – Should you be on Jeremy Kyle?

Welcome to The Jeremy Kyle Personality Test. Just answer a few questions to find out if you would have appeared ...
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Are you a Genius Quiz 10 Questions and Answers

Are You A Genius Quiz – 80% of people won’t be able to get 10!

Are you a Genius Quiz - All you have to do is answer 10 Questions   TV Science Fiction Quiz ...
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French Lady

Basic French Quiz – can you remember what you learnt at school?

Basic French Quiz - Bonjour les enfants is a phrase many of us heard at school. Can you remember what ...
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FP quiz crossword

A to Z Big Words Quiz – but do you know what they mean?

The A-to-Z Big Words Quiz is pretty easy to get your head around. We give you a word and several ...
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FP Thank You Quiz

The Thank You Quiz

The Thank You Quiz 12 Questions A dozen words in foreign languages that all mean Thank You. Your quest is ...
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FP historic villains quiz

Personality Test – which historic villain would you have been?

Which Historic Villain Would You Have Been? Find out with this free personality test!Maybe you were Genghis Khan, Dick Turpin ...
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Mental Flexibility – Try it for yourself

Mental Flexibility And Agility Test This is a personal challenge devised by Mensa, which will give you some gauge of ...
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