10 Advantages to Being Disabled


10 Advantages to Being Disabled

1) I always have a seat
I am in a powered wheelchair so I always have somewhere to sit

2) I never have to go to the bar or buy a round
Getting near the bar in a wheelchair is near impossible

3) I never feel pressured to go to the gym
The only sixpack that I have contains tablets

4) I don’t feel pressured to wear the latest fashions
Mind you I don’t think I ever had

5) I never have to talk to people if don’t want too
They assume I can’t speak or I am having a bad day

6) I can always have a beer as I never have to be the one to drive home

7) I never have to cook, wash the dishes or make a brew
Being paralysed from the neck down means the above is impossible.

8) I never get hassled by street vendor’s
many assume that I am can’t communicate or I am skint


9) I don’t have to use public toilets
Mind you disabled toilets are quite often left in a mess with dirty nappies et cetera by irresponsible parents

10) if I feel mischievous I can shout what I want and no one will say a word



The above are my opinions on my own disability and the way people interact with me


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