10 Advantages to Being Disabled

I am paralysed from the neck down. I’ve found over the years that there are some advantages to being disabled. Of course, there aren’t many but there are more than you would first think. Please remember that these are my personal experiences. And my thoughts and feelings about being disabled. I admit that some of them are sarcastic and tongue in cheek.

1) I always have a seat
I am in a powered wheelchair so I always have somewhere to sit. Unfortunately, I could seldom sit where I want to sit. My wheelchair is quite large and bulky. This means that I quite often have to sit in a “special place”. I recently went to a funeral where I had to sit away from my family because I was in a wheelchair.

2) I never have to go to the bar or buy a round of drinks 
Getting near the bar in a wheelchair is near impossible. In Fact, getting near the till in shops is not feasible either. I, therefore, don’t go shopping either. This is a true benefit as I hate shopping.

3) I never feel pressured to go to the gym
The only six-pack that I have contains tablets

4) I don’t feel pressured to wear the latest fashions
Mind you I don’t think I ever did

5) I never have to talk to people if don’t want too
They assume I can’t speak or I am having a bad day This is probably the best advantage to being disabled.

6) I can always have a beer as I never have to be the one to drive home

7) I never have to cook, wash the dishes or make a brew
Being paralysed from the neck down means the above is impossible.

8) I never get hassled by street vendor’s
Most assume that I am can’t communicate or I am on benefits and therefore skint

9) I don’t have to use public toilets
Mind you disabled toilets are quite often left in a mess with dirty nappies et cetera by irresponsible parents

10) When I feel mischievous I can shout what I want and no one will say a word. They just look at me nervously and then quickly look away.


The above are my opinions on my own disability and the way people interact with me. I hope that my 10 Advantages to Being Disabled made you Smile.

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