CB Radio Quiz – Citizens Band Language Test


CB Radio Quiz – Can you work out what these phrases mean? Roger, Good Buddy What Your 20? Back in the 80s citizens’ band radio was really popular. These days of mobile phones it is not used so much.

27 Megahertz used to be full of people chatting. At first, it used AM, which was prone to interfering with TVs et cetera. It was also illegal to use in the United Kingdom. The decision was made to use FM in the UK and 40 channels were legalised in the 1980s. It created a whole new language that only the CB’ers could understand. That’s what prompted me to create this CB radio quiz.

I was one of the Citizen’s Band users back in the 1980s. Don’t forget that it was before the Internet. So it really did allow people to talk to each other even though they were several miles away. It was a great way to have fun and make new friends. Even after all of these years, I am still friends with many of them. 

I hope you enjoy The CB Radio Quiz. If you do like it, PLEASE share it with your good buddies!

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