Driving Test Quiz – Theory Test Questions Would You Pass?


You will love this fun driving test quiz. Would you pass your driving test if you took it today? You’ll be able to find out now by taking this informative quiz. It consists of actual theory test questions you may encounter on your test and a few questions about the Highway Code. All of the information in the quiz comes directly from the DVLA website, so you can be sure it’s accurate.

I passed my test in the late 1980s; honestly, I don’t think I would pass the current theory test questions. I don’t feel bad admitting that since I no longer drive due to my disability. However, I still miss getting behind the wheel and going for a drive for a few hours.


If you want to test your knowledge, try the driving test quiz and see how many questions you can answer correctly. The results are for information purposes only and should not be taken seriously. Additionally, some of the answer options may provide a chuckle or two.

Driving Exam Theory Test Questions

UK Driving Test Questions

Could you pass your driving test again?

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Driving Test Quiz – Theory Test Questions Would You Pass?