Liverpool Football Quiz – Are You a Scouse Guru?


Liverpool Football Quiz Questions and Answers. How many can you answer correctly? Do you know what their home ground is called? Or, who has scored the most league goals? Answer the questions and find out if you are a Liverpool football quiz, Guru.

I grew up in Southport in the northwest of England. Approximately, 5 miles away from Liverpool. Most people support either Liverpool, Everton, or Manchester United. I chose to support Liverpool way back in the 1970s. I think I’m correct in saying that Bob Paisley was one of their managers during this time.


As a kid, my heroes were Ray Clemence, Kenny Dalglish, Steve Highway, and Ian Rush. I had their posters on my bedroom walls and was lucky enough to meet a couple of them. In fact, Steve Highway went on to have his own sports shop in Southport.I believe many of the players so frequent the various restaurants and bars in and around Southport.

Did you know that Liverpool and Everton used to share the same ground? It’s a fact that not many people realise. It amuses me because Everton and Liverpool are such bitter rivals.

Anyway, crack on and answer 12 questions on Liverpool FC. At the end of it you can find out if you are a Liverpool football quiz Guru!

Liverpool Football Quiz

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