Are You a Scouser or a Woolyback? Take the Test and Find Out!


Scouser or Woolyback Test – Answer a few questions and find out if you are a Scouser or a Woolyback. One is a native of Liverpool and the other is not. Most people from Liverpool consider those from the surrounding areas to be Wooly Backs. Especially those from Lancashire, the Wirral and Cheshire.

I grew up in Southport which is only a few miles away from Liverpool. My father was a Scouser and so were a lot of my friends. In fact, Southport is a common place for people from Liverpool to visit. Especially on Orange Lodge day!

Of course in the 1980s comic Harry Enfield took the Mickey out of Scousers. Portraying a Scouse family using an awful accent and a few common sayings. Some people didn’t like it, but, I found it really funny.

There is also another term called a Plastic Scouser. These are people that have a Scouse accent but do not live in Liverpool. Somewhere around the 1960s people moved out of Liverpool into the surrounding areas. Such as Skelmersdale, Kirby and Knowsley. The main reason being new houses were built and they were a more affordable price.

Anyway, brief history lesson over with. Scroll down the page and begin the Scouser or Woolyback Test.

Scouser Or Woolyback Test

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