A Quiz All about Wigan

Caution: Contains References to Pies! I’ve lived in Wigan so long that I’ve gone native. I don’t know everything about Wigan, but, these days I can even understand some of the older folk. However, I’ve not yet got into Wigan Warriors the local rugby team. I am a lover of Heinz Baked Beans which are made in Wigan. A few of us at Silicon Hell worked at the factory in Kit Green. So, I thought I would write a quiz all about Wigan.

So  my question to you is “How well do you know Wigan?” The majority of people score 10/16 Can you beat the average and claim the title of Wigan Guru? So what are you waiting for, it will be all reet.

So, put down the Greggs pie, press pause on the Wigan rugby game. Then have a bash on The Siliconhell Quiz All about Wigan:

All about Wigan

15 Questions all about Wigan. Find out if you are a reet Wigan Guru.

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2 thoughts on “A Quiz All about Wigan

  • I got them all correct. Great Quiz

  • Great Quiz I I only got one wrong so I am very happy


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