Takeaway Food Quiz


Takeaway Food Quiz – Chinese, Indian and pizza we love them! But how much do actually know about your Friday night takeaway food? You may be surprised by some of the answers. 

Are you a kebab meat and chilli sauce fan? Perhaps a four-season pizza with cheesy garlic bread. My personal favourite is Indian takeaway food.  I fell in love with it after a night out with my work colleagues. My boss suggested I should have Chicken Tikka Masala with pilau rice and naan bread. Even though that was over 30 years ago I clearly remember that the food was excellent These days I prefer a decent chicken Jalfrezi with rice and a naan stuffed with keema. 


These days I frequently use various food delivery services. They have made it so much easier to get food delivered from just about anywhere. I have used them to get KFC and Burger King. 

Do you know what  Prawn Crackers are? Where is said to be the origin of Chicken Tika Masala?

Now I have wet your taste buds you can begin the delicious takeaway food quiz. 

Fact Hunt Takeaway Food Quiz

Indian, Chinese we just can't get enough. But can you answer a few simple questions on takeaway food.

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