Takeaway Food Quiz

Chinese, Indian and pizza we love them! But how much do actually know about your Friday night takeaway food? You may be surprised by some of the answers. 


Are you a kebab meat and chilli sauce fan? Perhaps a four-seasons pizza with cheesy garlic bread. My personal favourite is Indian takeaway food. 

These days I frequently use various food delivery services. They have made it so much easier to get food delivered from just about anywhere. I have used them to get KFC and Burger King. 

Do you know what  Prawn Crackers are? Where is said to be the origin of Chicken Tika Masala?

Now I have wet your taste buds you can begin the delicious takeaway food quiz. 


Fact Hunt Takeaway Food Quiz

Indian, Chinese we just can't get enough. But can you answer a few simple questions on takeaway food.

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