Car Logo Spreadsheet Quiz

126 different emblems in the exclusive Car Logo Quiz. The challenge is how many can you identify? Sure the famous ones like Ferrari and Lamborghini are easy to spot. But can you spot TVR, Fiat and Lada

Please help Siliconhell by sharing this with your friends. You can drive them bonkers as well. We do have an answer file for this quiz. If enough of you ask we will make this available for you to download.

So, start your engines and open the attachment below.

This spreadsheet quiz was written using Microsoft Excel. It is best viewed on a tablet or a PC. Although saying this they do work on some of the newer mobile phones

You can find spreadsheet quizzes here. If you are unable to open the file we recommend using Google Sheets. If you are on a mobile phone you can find Google Sheets in the App Store

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