Invisible Movie Quiz 3 Spreadsheet

The Invisible Movie Quiz 3 by Siliconhell packed full of fun. Famous movie scenes where the characters have been made invisible. We have loads of them and will be publishing them over the next few weeks. Sign up for our newsletter and stay informed.

The quizzes open fine in Google Sheets. Feel free to share the Siliconhell Invisible Movie Quiz 5 Spreadsheet with your friends. We highly recommend our Online Movie Quizzes too.

This spreadsheet quiz was written using Microsoft Excel. It is best viewed on a tablet or a PC. Although saying this they do work on some of the newer mobile phones

You can find more Silicon Hell spreadsheet quizzes here. If you are unable to open the file we recommend using Google Sheets. If you are on a mobile phone you can find Google Sheets in the App Store

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4 thoughts on “Invisible Movie Quiz 3 Spreadsheet

  • this one is doing my head in at the moment so that’s more than enough lol but i will no doubt look to do more,


    • Hello Mark
      I have emailed you the Invisible Movie Quiz 4 and will publish them next week. Hope that makes you smile.
      Take care

  • Please put the answers up!! 🙂

    • Hello Mark
      I will publish them after Xmas for you. I have loads more spreadsheet quizzes. Should I publish them?
      Have a good one

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