Test Your Knowledge of 1970s Music with a Free Top of the Pops Quiz


Top of the Pops 1970s Quiz. It was the time of Spirit in the Sky and Disco. The Sex Pistols also shocked many but delighted many more. My favourite seventies music favourites include The Boomtown Rats and Blondie. I encourage you to give both of them a listen. If you are a fan of the Seventies Questions you should check out this page. 

On TV Doctor Who was massive in the seventies. As was Starsky and Hutch with their cool looking car. I can’t remember what type it was just that it was red with a white stripe. Feel free to contact me if you know what model of car it was.

Star Wars and Star Trek were massive hits both on TV and on the big screen. Anyway, let’s get back to music. I used to love watching Top of the Pops. I am pretty sure it was on BBC One every Thursday night at 7 pm. 


I distinctly remember watching Blondie for the first time on Top of the Pops. I was a teenage boy so you can imagine it had quite an effect on me! For my birthday that year, I asked for a couple of Blondie LPs and a Debbie Harry poster for my bedroom wall. I still have my vinyl copies of Parallel Lines and Plastic Letters. Queen released Bohemian Rhapsody which had an absolutely fantastic video to the song. It was one of the first pop videos ever to be shown and sparked a revolution in entertainment.

So take the free Top of the Pops 1970s Quiz and find out if you are a Seventies Music Expert. 

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