1970s Music Quiz – 12 Questions on 1970s music


The 1970s Music Quiz 12 questions on seventies featuring The Sex Pistols, Bohemian Rhapsody, The Bee Gees, The Jackson Brothers, The Rolling Stones, and many more.

Rock, pop, disco, and punk were massive during the 1970s. The Sex Pistols and Queen made their debut on The Top of the Pops. I recall being in absolute awe of Johnny Rotten. And then delighted the 1st time I heard the album Never Mind The Bullocks here is the Sex Pistols. The Jacksons also came onto the scene as did Starsky and Hutch.  We also have The Fawlty Towers Quiz which features the bonkers Basil Fawlty.


The Seventies had brown and orange wallpaper, Star Wars, flared trousers, and sideburns. I remember the sideburns as my dad had a humongous set of them. I also remember going to the cinema to watch Star Wars. You may be thinking why are you telling me this? Well, I tried to set the scene and turn on your grey matter.


So what are you waiting for? Crack on with the 1970s Music Quiz.

1970s Music Quiz

How much do you know about the music of the decade that brought you Slade, The Jackson Five and Queen?

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