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60s British TV Quiz – The Saint, Eric Sykes,

Welcome to The 60s British TV Quiz. Sixties television was the birthplace of entertainment for the people. It gave us characters such as Ena Sharples of Coronation Street. There was also The Saint who was a James Bond type dude who drove a sporty Volvo P1800 car. I remember getting a model toy car for Christmas these days it’s probably worth a few quid to collectors. 

The Prisoner started in 1967 it told the strange tale of a secret agent who was abducted to a seemingly idyllic village. Only to discover he was just a number in a strange prison. I seem to remember that he was chased down the beach by a giant white ball. Do you know who played the leading role? 

60s British TV Quiz Question

Which female actress played alongside Eric Sykes in the TV series “Sykes and a…”?

The highly successful This Is Your Life started in the sixties. During each episode, the host would surprise a celebrity and review their life. The format was so successful it ran for decades. Have you any idea who first presented the show? 

Don’t worry if you aren’t sure of the answers as all of the questions are multiple-choice. 

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I hope that you enjoyed The 60s British TV Quiz