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The Classic British TV Quiz

The Chase Quiz is one of our all-time most popular quizzes. Another trending quiz is the Wigan Language Test. Can you work out what the heck the Wiganer is saying in their Wigan Dialect?  Popular with those of a certain age is the Coronation Street Quiz – The Early Years. Of course, we also have an EastEnders Quiz and an Emmerdale Farm Quiz.

Life in the 1970s Quiz, The 1980s Quiz, and The 1990s Quiz are always very popular at the weekends. During the weekdays The Music Quizzes seem to be at their peak. Especially the Number One Hits 1990s Quiz, The 1980s Pop Quiz, and the 1960s Classic Rock Quiz

The Really Easy Quiz

Our personal favourites are the 80s Top of the Pops Quiz and the Classic Horror Movie Quiz.

So what are you waiting for? Just choose a category, or, scroll down the list and see what takes your fancy

Christmas Number One Music Quiz

Christmas Number One Music Quiz

"The Christmas Number One Music Quiz" - I almost called this quiz "The Xmas Hit Single Quiz" because all the ...
Scary animal facts

Scary Animal Facts Which May Freak You Out

Here are some scary animal facts that may freak you out. They are all completely true! I have always loved ...
Christmas Quiz

Christmas Quiz Questions with Answers

Get ready for a Christmas quiz like no other! It's not your average holiday trivia. Do you have what it ...
Are you a Genius Quiz 10 Questions and Answers

Are You A Genius Quiz – 80% of people won’t be able to get 10!

Are you a Genius Quiz - All you have to do is answer 10 Questions. Be warned that the questions ...
Bottom Quiz

Bottom Quiz – Richie and Eddie from the anarchic cult comedy

Updated to 15 Wazzo Questions - I thought I would create a Bottom Quiz because it's utterly brilliant! After all ...
Bottom Personality Test Which Bottom Character Are You

“Bottom Personality Test: Are You Richie Rich or Edward Hitler?”

Bottom Personality Test - Which Character Are You Richie Rich or Edward Hitler? To find out just answer a few ...
Spreadsheet quiz

Siliconhell Invisible Movie Quiz 4

The Invisible Movie Quiz 4 by Siliconhell is packed full of fun. Famous movie scenes where the characters have been ...
A Wifes Revenge

A Wife’s Revenge – A joke about a long suffering wife

Joke "A Wife's Revenge" is a story about a couple who had been happily married for years; the only friction ...
English Language Quirks

Strange English Pronunciations

Strange English pronunciations that can mess up your mind! For example... If you have a rough cough, climbing can be ...
FP 70s rock

70s Rock Music Quiz – Missing Lyrics

70s Rock Music Quiz, can you spot the missing lyrics from these 1970s rock music Classics. Finished with my woman ...

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